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9 LED Hand Torch

was €4.00 €3.52


1W Torch + Lantern

Lightweight aluminium barrel houses a high power 1 watt LED focus beam torch and lantern with 3 energy saving modes 1/2 power, full power and flashing. Unscrew top to open lantern and to focus the torch beam includes 3 AAA batteries.   ...

was €10.00 €8.80


Star 85 Lantern

This small ambient lantern is ideal for festivals, family camping or even for providing soft light around the table. It's fun design converts it from table top to hanging lantern in seconds, perfect when on the move. 2 settings: low - 40...

was €14.00 €12.32


Galaxy 150 Lantern

The Vango Galaxy 3D 150 is a great all-round camping lantern. Powered by 3 D batteries (not included) it can last heavy use during longer camping trips, whilst its handy carry handle increases portability, meaning it can be used as a torch should...

was €20.00 €17.60

LED Lenser

K3 LED Lenser

Description The flashlight for all those who like to travel lightly. Albert Einstein delivered impressive proof of the amount of energy contained in only one gram of matter. Our latest micro lamp LED LENSER® K3 won’t reveal its powe...

was €20.00 €17.60

LED Lenser

P4 BM LED Lenser

The lamp for engineers and technicians. No matter whether you inspect the undercarriage of a car, replace a fuse or are an industrial worker – the LED LENSER® P4 BM with Blue Moon Focus System does a good job. The lamp can be attached t...

was €30.00 €26.40


Galaxy Rechargeable 60 Lantern

The Vango Galaxy Rechargeable 60 Lantern is great for people on the move in the evenings who are looking for bright and effective lighting. It is equipped with two lighting modes so you can adapt the lighting to your specific needs. The lantern i...

was €35.00 €30.80


Spectrum 380 Lantern

The most versatile of our camping lanterns, the Vango Spectrum 380 Lantern gives a warm lighting effect while producing a powerful 380 Lumens of light using high quality Nichia LEDs. These LEDs enable you to select one of 4 separate lighting effe...

was €40.00 €35.20


Lumostar Plus PZ

A lightweight valve cartridge lantern, the Lumostar Plus is easy to set up and operate. It features a fully detachable head for easy mantle access and Easy Clic connection. An integrated suspension chain handle can be used for either hanging or c...

was €45.00 €39.60

LED Lenser

P5 LED Lenser

The LED LENSER® P5 is small, lightweight, an energy-saving marvel and at the same time a giant of brightness. It is operated with only one Mignon (AA) battery. Each nanosecond, the built-in DC/DC converter pumps energy through the high-perfor...

was €50.00 €44.00


Spectrum 530 Lantern

The most versatile of our camping lanterns, the Vango Spectrum 530 Lantern gives a warm lighting effect while producing a powerful 530 Lumens of light using high quality Nichia LEDs. These LEDs enable you to select one of 4 separate lighting effe...

was €50.00 €44.00

LED Lenser

P6 LED Lenser

Slim, elegant, innovative and easy to use. When constructing this lamp, our aim was to enable you to focus its light with only one hand. The LED LENSER® P6 is energized with two inexpensive Mignon batteries. This lightweight champion will cap...

was €60.00 €52.80


Rocket 120 Bluetooth Lantern

The Vango Rocket 120 Bluetooth Lantern is a high quality camping lantern, utilising high-strength CREE LEDs to produce a bright light - either at 40 or 120 Lumens. The lantern includes a built in rechargeable lithium ion battery which can be char...

was €65.00 €57.20

LED Lenser

M1 LED Lenser

In creating our pocket models M1 and M5, we’ve achieved the seemingly impossible: more light but less weight and smaller size. Our midgets with gigantic light output are powered by a high-capacity lithium battery (M1), or by an inexpensiv...

was €70.00 €61.60

LED Lenser

M7 LED Lenser

Intelligent Light The LED LENSER® M7 combines comfort and dynamic. It is equipped with light intelligence managed by programmable microcontrollers. These microcontrollers are the M in the name of the lamp, and they are the core piece of Sma...

was €90.00 €79.20

LED Lenser

P7 LED Lenser

Due to its excellent luminance and various functions, the LED LENSER® P7 is an all-purpose flashlight. Its patented*** Advanced Focus System® facilitates an extremely homogeneous distribution of brightness within the light cone. This focu...

was €90.00 €79.20

LED Lenser

F1 LED Lenser

The LED LENSERĀ® F1 is not for those with weak nerves. We call it the fighter jet amongst small-flashlights. What this lighting powerhouse has concealed inside a minimally dimensioned package, is simply breath-taking:Ā 400 Lumen from a single ...

was €99.00 €87.12

LED Lenser

P5R LED Lenser

Light power made easy When it comes to brightness, this small rechargeable lamp currently surpasses even most flashlights of our own product range. It is not only extremely bright, but also equipped with a particularly simple charging system. ...

was €105.00 €92.40

LED Lenser


Our LED LENSER® P14.2 features a 39 mm reflector-lens and achieves a level of focusing that sends an incredibly sharp light beam into the night. But there’s more: when you move the lamp head, the concentrated beam expands to form a...

was €110.00 €96.80

LED Lenser

X14 LED Lenser

Extreme power in a double pack A remarkable lamp head with two synchronized light sources (X-LENS Technology) is the most outstanding feature of the X14. This focusable LED lamp from the LED LENSER® Xtreme series achieves an impressive lig...

was €160.00 €140.80

LED Lenser

X21 LED Lenser

This masterpiece is another milestone in our company history. The LED LENSER® X21 will cause a sensation because it allows for a whole range of new applications in light engineering. The lamp has a light output of up to 1000 lumens*. Thanks t...

was €330.00 €290.40